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Guess Who’s Coming to Portland…

The patriotic eagle giving a speech to the other toys in this photo from Toy Confidential.

I’m still riding the wave that started from my WordCamp Seattle talk (Did I mention that talk was featured on the homepage of, and this week I found out that I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Portland on August 18th!

That’s right – lamiki’s appearance at WordCamp has turned into a Pacific Northwest tour and the next stop is Portland!

This time I won’t be talking about marketing (tragic, I know!), but my first love, writing:

How to Blog Once a Day

Creating a blog is ‘easy’ – you pick a theme, add some custom design assets, install it on your domain and you’re done. Right? Sure, except that now you have to actually write and publish something on it. We’ll talk about how to figure out what your niche is, where to look for ideas, different types of blog posts you can write, how to write the first draft, if you need an editorial calendar to keep consistent, and what to do if you get writer’s block.

If you’re a regular around here, then you already know part of this story. But don’t worry; there will be new juicy tidbits (And, of course, the slides will be posted after the talk!)

Join me at WordCamp Portland?

WordCamp Portland 2012 logo

First, block off your calendar for Saturday, August 18th.

Then, go here and buy your ticket. Every ticket includes a daylong adventure in all things WordPress with content for WordPress beginners, experienced bloggers, designers, and developers. Plus a pint glass, which must mean there’s beer…

There are twelve pre-planned sessions (I’ve already made my list of the ones I hope to attend) and there will be some time available for unconference-style sessions to be organized by attendees on the day of the event.

And it’s located in the amazing city of Portland. Do you need another reason?

But let’s be real here, I had a lot of fun at WordCamp Seattle as WordPress has built a very warm, friendly community of people (yes, people) who love what they do online. There are developers, bloggers, and regular people who are curious and want to learn more about how they can use this platform to do more of whatever they want to do.

And you’ll learn something new, I promise you that.

And if not, at least you’ll be able to meet me, and that will be something new. 🙂

Will I see you in Portland?

Photo by Toy Confidential

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