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Who is lamiki?


lamiki [lam-ē-kē]

abbr. Laura Michelle Kimball


  1. A nickname for a young, impatient, ambitious achiever.
  2. A word warrior who slays metaphors and tames dragons.
  3. An homage to the her first AOL screen name.
  4. A blog dedicated to exploring all of the above.

Hi, my name is Laura Kimball (“lamiki”). 

I am a writer and community builder that lives and thrives in social media. A specialist in content creation and activating online relationships to support offline efforts, I direct community strategies and produce consumer-centric campaigns that do more than just “go viral.”

I am fascinated by the way that words and ideas move mountains, starting with the world of social media and moving into the sphere of real life relationships, communities, and experiences that surround us each day. The line between what happens online and offline has blurred for some time now – this blog is dedicated to all of the complexities that surround that shift. Here, you’ll find posts that explore this wide-wired-world we live in and writing about writing since February 2010.

When not online, I can be found lifting heavy weights at CrossFit, mastering the art of mobile phone cat photography, and resurrecting my love for creative writing.

What I do.

I build communities for brands, turn fans into brand advocates, and lift brands through the voices and actions of their most passionate users.

I am currently the head of community for HTC elevate, the global brand advocate community for HTC. As such, I create strategies, programming, and manage communities, campaigns, and partnerships that leverage and activate HTC’s most passionate consumers across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Prior to my work at HTC, I built online brands and communities for startups, nonprofits, small businesses, celebrities, online personalities, and Fortune 500 companies. It’s my job to help brands find and partner with the fan base that they already have. If your consumers and users are at the heart of what you’re trying to accomplish, let’s talk.

I hold a Masters in Writing with a focus in Book Publishing and Bachelors in English literature, both from Portland State University.

Claim to fame: I was the first intern and author coordinator for Wordstock, the largest book festival in the Pacific Northwest. It was one of the most challenging experiences in my life and I’m proud to say that the festival is running strong and was recently acquired by Literary Arts in Portland, Oregon.

Current projects

  • Sr Manager, Global Communities at HTC, focusing on the best community in the world, HTC elevate
  • Writer and social media community strategist for-hire (for those who want to “pick my brain”)
  • Always kicking ass at kicking ass

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. The views and opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my current or former organizations, clients, and/or employers.

updated 22 October 2014