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12 Days of Giving

Campaign Widget, Powered by JolkonaUpdate: Thank you for all of your support! As of January 14, 2011, this campaign was complete and with your help, we exceeded the campaign’s goal and supported 6 mothers and their newborns! Thank you so much for making such an enormous impact!

As part of Jolkona’s 12 Days of Giving and to celebrate the safe birth of my nephew, I’m launching a campaign to adopt 5 mothers and their newborns in India through Jolkona, the nonprofit I volunteer with.

Why am I launching this campaign? Read my blog post, Help Me Change the World, One Life at a Time.

By supporting this project, you can help ensure the health of a pregnant mother and the safe birth of her child. Your gift lasts for three and a half years, covering her pregnancy and the first three years of her child’s life, giving her child the right start to life.

Your gift will:

  • Provide pregnancy counseling twice a month for mother
  • Provide three prenatal checkups with doctor for mother
  • Include access to weekly health care for mother and child
  • Ensure 75% subsidized facility-based delivery in a private medical clinic
  • Provide required immunizations and micro-nutrients for child
  • Provide monthly check-ups for child to monitor growth
  • Ensure access for health care for child up to 3 years of age
  • Ensure access to 24 hour emergency care for child at local clinic

100% of your donation will go to support the mothers and their newborns through Jolkona’s partner, Calcutta Kids.

As proof-of-impact, and to show you where your money goes, you will receive updates about the mother and child every 6 months for 3 years. Updates will be available in your account on My Jolkona.

In the larger picture, your gift will go to benefit the following:

  • Help decrease maternal and infant mortality
  • Build a stronger local awareness of prenatal and best infant health practices
  • By providing health to children during the first three years of their life, you will provide disadvantaged children with the opportunity to experience gains in cognitive, social, and health development similar to those of their economically better-off peers.

Ready to help?

My goal is to adopt a total of 5 mothers and their newborns. You can support this campaign by making a full gift of $235 which will support one mother and her child for 3½ years or by making a partial donation for as little as $5.

You will not receive a proof-of-impact for a partial donation. However, if you make a partial gift, let me know and I will put you on a private email list and share with you updates about the mother you supported. To respect the privacy policy Jolkona has for their beneficiaries and partner organizations, I cannot share with you any photos or the name of the mothers and their children. But I can share their stories and tell you about them.

How to make a donation through Jolkona

You can donate directly from my blog by clicking “give” on the campaign widget in my sidebar. This will take you to the Cart page on

You can also donate by following these steps:

  1. Go to the campaign page:
  2. On the right side of the page, there’s a blue sidebar labeled “Ready to Help?” Choose the quantity of projects you want to donate and click on the “Give” button. If you want to make a partial donation, go to the section labeled “Give a Different Amount,” choose an amount from drop-down box ($1, $5, $10, $15, $25 — you can edit the quantity later), and click the “Give” button.
  3. If you would like to dedicate this gift to someone, be sure to click that box.
  4. Once you click the “Give” button, you will be taken to the “Gift basket” page. Here, you can change the quantity of your donation. For example, if you want to donate $50 and you chose $25 on the campaign page, change the quantity of your cart to 2 to reflect a $50 donation. Then click the “Update Cart” button.
  5. If you are logged in, just click the “Donate” button. If you are not logged in, you can sign in at this page or register as a new user on Jolkona (you can also sign in using your Facebook account).
  6. You will be taken to Google Checkout to finalize the payment by filling in your credit card information using this safe and secure system.

All donations are tax deductible. And if you donate before December 31st, it counts as a 2010 tax-free gift.

Thank you for helping me make an impact

If you read this page, donated, or are thinking about donating – thank you. I’m very excited to see the impact that we make together and seeing how we impact the lives of the women and newborns that we support.

If you have any questions about this campaign or have trouble donating, please email me.