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Sunday Serial: Disney Princesses, Courage & More Millennial Entrepreneurs

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It takes thirty days to form a habit and three days to break it. In other words, life happened, so get over it.

And even though my week was sans blogging, it doesn’t mean that others were not. So here you are four articles of substance and two that are (mostly) just for laughs.

Princesses, Courage, more Hipster Entrepreneurs, and Highly Connected People

Totally Stupid Shit I learned from Disney Princesses by Therese Schwenkler on the Unlost

Read this because: You grew up watching Disney movies and devouring teen magazines to tell you that you were normal and not a unique freak.

Spoiler alert: It’s okay. But Ms. Schwenkler is here to help you unlearn all that (and still appreciate the beauty within the beast).

Courage isn’t always glamorous. Actually, it almost never is. by Jenny Blake on Life After College

Read this because: You live in a world where you are required to embrace what you’re passionate about, give your finger to ‘the man,’ and make your dreams real. You are supposed to push your own envelope, do one thing every day that scares the shit out of you, and come out on the other side smiling. Right?


And Ms. Jenny is here to set the record straight: “Courage is earned . . . through tears, fears, heartbreak, and failure. It’s messy. Ugly. Rocky. And you find your courage when you have no choice BUT to trust it.”

Bonus: Jenny’s blog is jam-packed with advice on how to keep the post-college journey on the right track. And the best part? This advice comes from a person who’s in the thick-of-it herself.

Millennials are Born Entrepreneurs. Wait, Really? Commentators are claiming that Gen Y-ers and Millennials are start-up naturals, and great salespeople. Or are they just victims of circumstance? by Jessica Stillman on

Read this because: The hipster entrepreneur conversation keeps going and each writer is going one step further. Instead of exploring what they are and if they are entrepreneurs or not, this article is starting the obvious – what if there isn’t anything special about millennials, but they’re just victims of a shitty economy and the end of the traditional job market that our baby boomer parents knew and thrived in?

My question to the writer: Aren’t all generations victims of the circumstances that are happening around them?

The 12 Habits of Highly Connective People by Valeria Maltoni featuring wisdom of Anil Dash on Conversation Age

Read this because: You’re an open or a closet connector who gets giddy when you get the opportunity to introduce one person to another. Bonus if the two had no idea the other existed or why they needed to know each other (but thank you profusely for the connection after).

May the 90s Rest in Peace and White Girls on Facebook

10 Things 90s Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children by Chelsea Fagan on Thought Catalog

Read this because: You grew up in the 90s and you forgot about the Tamagotchi, Topanga, and how much you “wanna really really really wanna zig a zig ahh.”

Now slam your body down and rub it all around.

15 Things White Girls Love To Do on Facebook by Mary on 25 Pills a Day

Read this because: It went “viral,” is hilarious, and no, I won’t admit to which items I enjoy doing.

Warning: Mary’s a firecracker, and her rants about life may turn into your new guilty pleasure.

What did you read this week?

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Sunday Serial: Facebook, Millennials, Failing, and Whining

sunday paper - business section

Hi, my name is Laura and I have not blogged in three four days. And last night I composed this blog while sitting next to my mom – who doesn’t read my blog and completely missed NaBloPoMo this year – on the couch at my sister’s house in New Jersey, and there’s a baby coo-ing, laughing, and desperately needs his awesome auntie to play with him. Today, Sunday, is my nephew’s first birthday. Last year I spent the last half of NaBloPoMo writing blog posts on my sister’s couch while we waited for my nephew to arrive, and it’s kind of surreal that now, a year later, we’re here and our family has this amazing, gorgeous baby boy in our life. Wow.

So before I get back to some much needed and awesome family time, here are some informative and fun stuff that’s been floating around the Internet this week.

Four Blog posts about Facebook Trends, Millennials, Failing, and Whining

Some Observations About 2011′s Most Shared Articles On Facebook by Tac Anderson on NewCommBiz

Read this because: You’re dying to know which celebrity or famous cat dominated conversations on Facebook this past year.

Spoiler Alert: It’s neither, but you’ll feel better about visiting this website every single day.

Understanding What It Means to Be a Millennial by Mike Krass

Read this because: You can’t get enough of the conversation about how the millennials are all hipsters who dream of entrepreneurship. Mike does a great job of taking the conversation one-step further and throwing the responsibility back on us – now that we want to be entrepreneurial, what steps are we doing to make that happen?

When Death Feels Like A Good Option by Ben Huh

Read this because: The best way to learn about success is through failure, and, as Ben Huh, the founder and CEO of Cheezburger Network, says, “Failure is an option, and a real risk. Failure and risk something entrepreneurs understand well, and learn to manage. However, death isn’t an option, it’s an inevitability. And before I die, I want to take as many swings at the fence as I can.”

Great advice for entrepreneurs, pre-entrepreneurs, and anyone.

Startups Are Hard. So Work More, Cry Less, And Quit All The Whining by Michael Arrington on Uncrunched

Read this because: We all like to whine and be that person at the party who stayed up until dawn working on a great project, hasn’t taken a vacation in three years, and is working too much – but all while doing something we’re passionate about, something that’s great. Whining is a ‘badge of honor’ in some circles and we need to get over ourselves and just stop.

Bonus: This reality check may make you shut up and become a better person.

And Two More for Fun

Clothes for your nerd boyfriend – Because you want the man in your life to look like the men who shaped modern hipsterism – like Jim Henson, Gene Kelly, the crew from Spinal Tap, Frasier Crane, Bob Marley, and Mathew Broderick.

The 25 Funniest Autocorrects OF DYAC’s First Year – In case you haven’t seen this already.

Just shared this with my parents. My dad said, “I’m so glad I don’t have an iPhone.” And my mom said, “That’s good. Will you send that to me?”

Consider these two things my gift to you.

Photo Credit: jencu

P.S. The cute kid reading the paper isn’t my nephew.

Sunday Serial: 4.74 Degrees, Entrepreneurs, Hints of Pregnancy, and Gay Marriage

At Otherlands, Sunday Morning

I hope all of my American readers had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend offline and all of you are ready to take on the world and the rest of 2011 starting tomorrow. I know I am. So let’s keep it short and sweet, here are three best-of articles that I read last week and one video that you need to watch. Enjoy! (more…)

Sunday Serial: 6 Blog Posts to Start your Week off Right

First off, I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by and reading this blog. I’m lucky to be a writer who blogs because unlike writers of fiction and epic novels that are published in a static journal or book, you and I get to speak to each other if we want to. I get to share my thoughts and perspective with you, and you, if you choose, get to share yours. No writer has ever had this direct-line to his or her readers before.

For that, I want to thank you.

6 Blog Posts to Start Your Week off Right

Paper, boy

It has been an enormous week and I’ve spent most of the weekend with my head down, recovering. And while I’m really getting into the flow of writing and blogging once a day, I want to take some time to share. So allow me to introduce the Sunday Serial, a weekly installment of the top blogs, articles, and essays that I read over the past week. Enjoy! (more…)

Sunday Serial: Rules for Teenagers, Entrepreneurs & Goal Setters

247-365 SUNDAY PAPERS by pepsix

When I was seven years old my bedtime was 8pm. A time that is tolerable during the winter but excruciating in the spring after daylight savings time.

On Easter that year as I was getting ready to go to bed, I peaked out of my bedroom window and saw the neighbor kid across the street in her front yard hunting Easter eggs. And the worst part – she was two years younger than me! Talk about not fair!

It’s around that time in life that many kids learn how to say, “You’re not the boss of me” and ache for a day when we will be able to make our own rules about our own life.

Well, judging by the popularity of content on the Internet, general professional knowledge – generally people become overwhelmed when presented with too many choices.

Why? For a number of reasons that all boil down to being afraid about making the wrong decision and missing an opportunity. Often times it’s called the paradox of choice.

That’s right, fear.

Don’t worry; I’m in this boat too. It’s why I ask my husband if I should do something instead of the other so that if I make the wrong decision, I have him to blame (his words, not mine).

So, this week, here is a collection of articles with advice on things that you should do, things you shouldn’t do, and one more to make life a little easier.

Things You Should Do

Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls by Kate Conner on Lily Pads

Read this because: You were a teenager once, know someone who is a teenager, or who will be one soon.

You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough.

Six Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs by Jay Goltz on The New York Times

Read this because: You’re like me and have big plans to be a founding entrepreneur some day. But you’re scared (see above) that you don’t have the character profile or, hell, the DNA to be one. But all soft skills can be honed and the way you look at the world can be finessed. View this list as six things to work on while you wait for that some day to arrive.

10 Rules for Brilliant Women by Tara Sophia Mohr on We Unite

Read this because: You don’t know who Tara Sophia Mohr is and have never read her “10 Rules” before.

I first read Tara’s 10 Rules shortly after it was first published on the Huffington Post. After that, I got to know her through The Girl Effect Blogging Campaign and had the pleasure of attending one of her salons last spring when she was in Seattle. Tara is a writer who is dedicated to coaching women leaders on how to sit at the table, speak up, take bold actions in the world.

Bonus reading material: Here’s the post I wrote as part of the Girl Effect Blogging Campaign this past year: Change the Statistics.

A little bit is a lot. By Sarah K. Peck on It Starts With

Read this because: We all procrastinate a lot. We turn small tasks into daunting affairs that paralyze us and if we just change our perspective, we can get it down. Sarah K. Peck does an amazing job of illustrating exactly what procrastination looks like, and how to overcome it in a way that’s not so scary anymore.

How to Influence People: The Most Overlooked Secret by Cody Goins on Goins, Writer

Read this because: I love it when bloggers of all shapes and sizes share their “little known” secrets, and this is one that could change how you approach life.

Things You Should Not Do

3 Words That Guarantee Failure by Geoffrey James on

Read this because: You love brainstorming big ideas and setting goals, and what’s better is you’re into meeting them. But there’s one thing you can say after setting a goal that will determine if you will succeed or not – three words that you might say that will subconsciously put you on the path towards failure.

For the record: You can say those three words when it comes to something like eating food or learning a new skill.

The 5 Silent Career Killers For Women by Lauren Carlson on Women 2.0

Read this because: Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are things that you might be doing to sabotage your career. (Confession: I do 4 out of 5 of the things on this list on a daily basis, in my career and otherwise). Check out this list and start altering your behavior now. Carlson goes into more detail about each “silent killer” on her own site and in this blog post.

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly by Brian Clark on Copyblogger

Read this because: If you can’t write or talk good, than you just look silly. And that will do more damage to you then anything written above.

Now View The World Through the Eyes of Calvin and Hobbes

Kung Fu Calvin, fan art by John KimballSixteen Things Calvin and Hobbes Said Better Than Anyone Else by Edd McCracken on Book Riot

Read this because: I’ve given you a lot to think about. And when the world is overwhelming and you need to take a break on self-actualization, go back to the basics and learn how Calvin and Hobbes made sense of the world better than anyone else could.

What did you read this week?

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Kung Fu Calvin fan art illustrated by John Kimball

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