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Keep Your Hands Off My Facebook

day one-two-three: dear brynn, sorry the VW broke your nose

I have been on-and-off the job hunt for the past year. It’s a detail of my life that I’ve kept under wraps, mostly, but that’s for another post. Recently I met someone who’s looking to hire writers to produce web and social content for clients, pretty standard gig.

When I asked if she needed any writing samples or my resume, she said, “All I need is your Facebook.”

“My personal Facebook?”


Woah, sister, let’s pull it back a notch. I manage social media profiles for brands, am very active on Twitter, and I blog for a company and for myself (oh, hi there!). Through my LinkedIn profile you can see the breadth of my experience with links to all of the social savvy that I want to show you. It won’t lead you directly back here, but a little Internet sleuthing won’t carry you too far away from the rabbit hole. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not quite living “off the grid.”

“Here you go,” I said, and handed her my business card that lists my name, Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, and blog, then I politely turned away.

I have not followed up with her, and I don’t plan to.

My Facebook is private

I jumped on Facebook as soon as my university gained access to it in 2005 and we’ve had a love/hate relationship ever since. But I’ve stood by it, through redesigns, privacy-setting curiosities, and the fact that it introduced brands into our life. (more…)