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Six Lessons from Six Years of Marriage

husband holding his new wife's hand

Six years ago today, I walked down the aisle wearing something old-new-borrowed-and-blue and walked up the aisle with holding my husband’s hand. We married young, and when we’re in a room full of nearly weds, at twenty-seven and thirty years old, we are the old married couple.

This morning at breakfast after giggling each other awake, Johnny and I filtered through the past six years (and nine total together): celebrating the highs, acknowledging the lows, thinking about the things we learned along the way, and plotting where we will go in the future.

Six lessons we learned and prioritized over the last six years…


1) Grow together. When Johnny and I wed at 21 and 24, we vowed to keep growing together. We knew we were entering a decade that would define who we are as adults and the only way through our twenties would be to grow our way through them. And the promise we made was to make sure we grew through it together.

You are a different person today than you will be tomorrow. And the only way you’ll survive being together forever is growing together.  (more…)

A Social Media Nightmare

Social Media Nightmare Comic illustrated by John Kimball and written by Laura Kimball "lamiki"

After responding to all of the sweet, awesome, and thoughtful messages my friends left for me on Facebook last year, I had this wild idea – what if you woke up on your birthday, logged onto Facebook, and no one left any birthday messages for you?

That would be the worst birthday ever, right?

As I learned from my parents when I was younger, if you have a bad dream, tell someone about it so that it won’t come true.

Thank you to my amazing husband, John Kimball, who drew this comic and helped me bring this concept to life.

P. S. Today is my birthday.