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At some point in our lives we’ll stop counting anniversaries and birthdays. The excruciating days will blend into weeks and morph into months that create distant memories that we tally off into years. Life will continue to evolve and as we pull over to the side of the road and utter, breathlessly, “How did we get here?” a car’s horn will blow or our pocket will buzz with a casual SMS from a distant friend, pulling us away from all memories and back what’s here and what’s now.

For the past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and all words are cast in clichés and prose.

stormtropper birthday balloon photo by kristina alexander

Four years ago this week, I stayed up way-too-late writing my first ever blog post and hitting publish.

Launching this blog was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It gave me a place to establish my voice and my personal brand, a platform to launch multiple speaking engagements, and been the link to a number of jobs (yes, the kind that comes with money).

It has also given me many late night sessions, freaking out about how to explain what the chaos I do here. It has given me endless amounts of jealousy towards all of the fashion and food bloggers in the world who can synthesize exactly what they write about in once smooth, succinct sentence. A luxury that I do not have, should not have here, and yet always want. (Sigh.)

This blog has given me friendships and access to some of the most inspiring people that I know. It has given me a place to tell the stories that I was born to tell and an outlet to let my creativity travel in a direction that I never knew was possible.

And it gave me the opportunity to come out as the person that I’ve been my entire life.

And where will it take me and where will I take it? Only the next chapter will tell.

Happy fourth birthday, lamiki! Thank you for joining me for the ride.

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc

Happy Third Birthday, lamiki!

Two weeks ago, my blog turned three. And I celebrated the occasion with a tweet and a Facebook post and intentions to publish the post that I’m writing right now. And here we are.

birthday cupcakes by craftapalooza

In the first year, I published 55 blogs. In the second year, 59 blogs. And in the third year. I published 30 blog posts. And yet, the third year was one of the best years in my blog’s history because of two separate, but connected events – speaking at WordCamp Seattle and WordCamp Portland.

I started this blog to find my voice and have a place to write. But it quickly turned into a hub around connecting with people. From random conversations with people I meet on Twitter to coffee shop dates with bloggers I admire, or three-degrees of separation that turn into job offers, most of the people I have met over the past three years have been connected to this blog and the doors that it has opened to me. And for all of the specific and vague connections I have made over the past three years, I am grateful.

My blog’s third year started off with more momentum, posts, and excitement than I could imagine. But after the second speaking event at the end of summer, everything went into a quiet hiatus. I still wrote and published blogs, but things slowed way down over here as I focused my creative energy into a new fulltime job I started in September. But when I look at the past year as a whole and ignore my goal of publishing more posts than I had in the previous year, my blog’s third year was a momentous one.

And to commemorate its birthday, here’s a little roundup of lessons learned, best posts, and the random ways that people find my blog.

The Three Most Important Lessons I’ve learned in Three Years of Blogging

1. You never have enough time to blog as you want to. I laughed when putting together my slides about blogging every day because I knew someone would ask, “How do you find the time to blog?” and the answer I prepared the following answer: you just do.  For whatever reason, this fall I really understood what it meant to not have enough time to do anything other than go to work, eat, and barely get enough sleep to be energized to tackle the next day. I’ve had fulltime jobs before, but the one I started was different and I could not (still cannot) explain why. And while, for the first time in my life, I’m happy going through the motions and just being that person who goes to work and comes home, the writer inside of me is aching to write more. And the only way to satisfy her is to steal that time from somewhere else and, sit down, shut up, and pound the keyboard until words appear.

2. The post you pour your heart and soul into writing will never resonate with readers as much as the one you write and publish in the moment. There is a time and a place for epic blog posts that you spend hours researching, writing, editing, and perfecting. And while it feels good to write those essays, when it comes to blogs and writing content that people (you) care about, are posts that are written in an hour’s notice based on the ideas that you’ve been chewing on over the past few days. Stop thinking. Start writing.

3. Numbers alone don’t measure success. I’ve been struggling to write this recap and feel good about my third year of blogging because I haven’t been blogging lately. I didn’t blog every day in November. And I didn’t post at all in December. But when I think about all the people I have met and the opportunities I have had because of the work I have put into my blog since the beginning, it has been a damn successful year.  (more…)

Happy Second Blogiversary, lamiki!

By Pink Sherbert Photography

Two years ago I was a wannabe blogger. The kind who want a blog so desperately that it paralyzed me from picking out a theme and sitting down to do the hard work – writing. So with the help of my husband, I slapped a landing page on my domain with a gorgeous (and accurate) ticker. I set an arbitrary date for launch, and I watched the months, weeks, days, and hours disappear.

Then, hours before I was supposed to launch, I did what most people do when they’re faced with a deadline – I freaked out. Lucky for me, John was still there to hold my hand. He helped me decide on a theme that would work, add a little branding, and got it live. Then he went to bed, while I stayed up to write my first post.

The date was a Sunday, February 14th, 2010, and I didn’t crawl into bed until 6am the following morning.

But I wrote, edited, and published my first post. My blog went live, and I tweeted, and then caught up on my sleep.

When I woke up, my life changed.

There were tweets, comments, and mentions galore. I remember going over to a friend’s house for dinner on that evening and checking the most comments for the first time – there were fifteen.

Oh. My. God. People were actually reading my brand new blog.

And they liked what I had to say.

My legs went weak. I felt like I was going to throw up.

But I didn’t.

Instead I calmed down and replied to those tweets and those comments. I thanked my new readers – people who heard my excitement about launching a blog in the past and were thrilled that was finally live.

I became a blogger.

Over the course of the past two years, I have thought, I have written, and I have published. Through this blog I have met people, landed some amazing jobs, and built some deep relationships. Blogging, and this identity that is “lamiki” has helped me open doors that I never knew existed before.

lamiki is an acronym that stands for my full name, and out of that I have found an identity, a brand, that is 100% me. (more…)

Infographic: You Are What You Tweet

July was an insane month full of BBQs, friends, my first vacation since my honeymoon, launching a massively successful campaign at work, and watching men and women compete to become the fittest in the world — needless to say I have a queue of blog posts that need to be written. But first, here’s a fun infographic I created to compare who I am based on what I tweet using You know how I feel about visually organized data, so I couldn’t resist sharing one that’s all about me!

Am I what I tweet? @Jolkona vs. @lamiki

To test this out, I thought I’d compare the two personalities that I manage on Twitter, @Jolkona, the nonprofit I work for, and @lamiki, yours truly in my most natural form.

Note: I didn’t customize @Jolkona’s avatar in the infographic, but I did customize myself.

First of all, I am a little disappointed that Jolkona is the “rock star” while lamiki is a workaholic. Though, it makes sense as I do tend to tweet about working from @lamiki and share more “woo hoo”/good news stuff from @Jolkona. But still, I’m feeling slightly bummed that lamiki isn’t has “fun” as Jolkona seems to be. (Mental note: change that).

I also have no idea why lamiki gets caught being obsessed with shopping while Jolkona is stuck sipping coffee either…I think the jury is still out on that one.

The ‘Tweets Seen per Day’ statistic is the most interesting statistic, especially when you compare how many followers @Jolkona vs. @lamiki has compared to who sees them. In the conversation of what makes a person influential or not, this statistic is very important and gives me a benchmark for where to improve.

The topics is the weakest part of this infographic because it’s only pulling words and content that I talked about and shared during the past two weeks when both @Jolkona and @lamiki were promoting Jolkona’s Groupon campaign like crazy. I wish that was able to pull more historic tweets for this information, but I’m sure it’s a limitation of Twitter’s search.

What does your Twitter infographic look like?

To continue the fun, I created a second infographic comparing the co-founders of Jolkona, Adnan Mahmud (@adnanmahmud) and Nadia Mahmud (@nadiamahmud), needless to say, it’s quite fun.

Even more fun, here’s a comparison of me and my husband using his racing handle — @lamiki vs. @jkimballracing.

If you have five minutes free, feed your ego, create an infographic for yourself, and share your link with me. And let me know if your ‘likely obsession’ is true or not. 😉

This post was semi-inspired by this post written by Grace Boyle on Small Hands, Big Ideas.

Not the End: Lamiki Turns One!

Le Voyage des Ballons Multicolores

It’s after 10pm on Tuesday, February 15, 2011. Exactly one year ago today and about a few hours earlier, I was standing in my friends’ kitchen checking out the comments and page views on my very first blog post.

I felt like I was going to throw up. In a good way.

There I was, this girl who has had “writerly tendencies” throughout my entire life, but never in “public.” But it was time to tell my story in more than 140 characters.

The beginning

Since then, the game of statistics, traffic, and curating my own content has been an adventure – figuratively and literally.

In the past year, this blog has:

  • Put me on the radar with the brilliant folks at Mazda North America and taken me (and my husband) on our first international press tour as part of the launch of the 2011 Mazda2.
  • Given me a playground to show my mad skills through words and let my voice and perspective be heard.
  • Deepened relationships with the people I know online and develop a readership (yes, that includes you).
  • Landed me some pretty rockin’ jobs.
  • Allowed me to embrace an identity that has always been mine – that of a writer.
  • It has opened doors I didn’t even know I wanted to walk through.

Over the past year, I’ve learned that you can develop deep friendships that are threaded together through thoughts and words. And that people and experiences can inspire and work their way into your life and out through your words in the most curious ways.

And the best friends you can have are editors who include “gut checks.” And those who root for you, even before there’s something to root for.

To those people – I am forever thankful and in your debt.

Plus, no matter how hard you try, it takes a true rock star to create an editorial calendar and stick with it.

What happened to “The end”?

Tonight my husband and I watched a movie. It was one of those where the protagonist opens in heartbreak. He’s a writer and is “writing” the story he’s about to tell. It’s a story within a story that swirls and spirals deep within the arc of the tale. And it’s predictable, of course.

But the part that really stuck out was the end. And how they literally ended with the sentence: The end.

It made me wonder – when was the last time I wrote something and finished it with, “The end.”

Good lord, I feel like it was back in elementary school. Nowadays, the end of a page always symbolizes the end. The end of a screen when you can’t scroll down any further symbolizes the end.

It made me jump to another thought – there is no such thing as “The End” any more. We are constantly in beta, proactively working on version 2.0+, always soft-launching and revising to perfection.

“The end” doesn’t really exist any more.

I like that.

The goal when I launched this blog was to claim my piece of web real estate and, in the words of my first post, write my own story.

So what will happen during year two? Who knows, but it’s going to be big and driven by content. That much I’ll reveal. The rest, you’ll have to watch for.

So, how should I celebrate this anniversary?

Photo Credit: ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser