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I’m Thankful for Homemade Pies

In every family, there’s one thing that is your “thing” and it’s a right-of-passage to learn how to do it and how to do it well. It’s usually a trade secret and something you can whip out at parties and impress your friends with. Something that is passed down by generations and a mad skill that is like nothing for you when you do it. In my family, this thing is making pies from scratch.

These pies originate where my roots do, from the Midwest. One year when I was in high school, my parents, sister and I spent Christmas with our family on their farm in Iowa. My grandpa wasn’t doing so well, so all the aunts and their families came to spend some quality time together. We turned my grandma’s kitchen into a pie-lover’s dream.

We are pie-making machines

We had three stations: crust, filling, fruit processing. The first few pies went straight into the oven and straight into our mouths. The rest were slid into gallon zip-lock bags and stacked in the deep freeze in the basement, to give Grandma something quick and easy to give Grandpa if he was being finicky. Since that winter, it’s been an unofficial contest between my cousins as to who can mass-produce the most number of pies in one pie-making session. One summer they made something obscene like 15 pies due to a healthy crop of homegrown rhubarb. I can’t compete with that. (more…)

I’m Thankful for Everything that Happens for a Reason

Enjoy the view - Barcelona Spain - HDR

I’m going to echo the man who lives a life without pants and say that this has been one fucking incredible year, and one that I have so much to be thankful for.

2010 started off on a high note and there have been some amazing things that have gone exactly as I planned them to and others that went the complete opposite. I pride myself as someone who sets goals and achieves them, and everything that I have put in motion has caused ripple effects in parts of my life and others creating an impact that is bigger than I ever imagined it could be. And this year isn’t over yet. (more…)