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Things You Could Live Without

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I am always anxious and nervous when I travel. Even if it’s a weekend trip, less than 4 hours by car away from home, I can’t help staying up all night, tying up loose ends and packing.

So here’s the thing, I’m going on a trip to see my sister. Granted it’s 2000 miles away from home, but this is not a business trip at all. She lives in somewhere, New Jersey, not nowhere, New Jersey. We’ll be staying at home, cooking, etc., All I need to pack are comfy clothes (the same 5-outfits or so that I wear everyday) and my Timbuk2 bag full of my computer, a few files, and more-than-one old school journal, some pens, and cords. Oh, and probably a book. That’s all I really need, and yet I have so much more.

That’s all. And yet I’ll still be up all night before my night, packing.

This has me thinking about how much “stuff” one really needs. How much physical and emotional stuff one carries around with them (physically and mentally).

I recently watched this video to promote Sam Davidson’s new book, 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need, and I wonder, how much does a person really need? What is one thing that your, or I for that matter, could live without?

50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need from Point House Films on Vimeo.

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