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Three Powerful Words

raining words; in a moment by pfv.

There are three words that when said in the right way at the right time can make you collapse. When put together, these three words can move metaphorical mountains, change dispositions, and carve alliances you never knew were there. Alone, they are just words. But when charged with the right kind of care, eye contact, and emotion they take on a very different weight.

These words can be spoken, whispered, and sung. They can be written, emailed, texted, and tweeted. Their message can be personal and private. They can be delivered on a whim, during a chance meeting, or at the most awkward time possible.

And they are especially powerful when they come from someone you have an affinity for or who has an affinity for you.

When put together, these three words are:

Thinking of you.

Photo Credit: pfv.


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