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On Friendship: There is No Such Thing as a Population of One

When I read last week’s #reverb10 prompt on friendship, one person entered my head immediately. But I don’t want to pull out and highlight how one person’s friendship has really ignited me this year because 1) I don’t want to sound gushy, and 2) I’m a nice person. And in keeping with the trend of thank you speeches at the Oscars, I don’t want to leave anyone out.

Let me tell you a story. You know that I admire people who open up, are vulnerable, and share their ideas about world domination with me. Ideas are infectious and inspiring. When I see someone I care about achieve greatness, it launches me down the same kick ass adventure as them. No one does it alone, and that is so true, especially in my life.

It takes a village

It takes a village to lift an individual to the next degree of greatness. A village made of people who share common interests, speak the same language, and weave in and out of each other’s lives. There are the regulars, the newbs, the tourists, the every-once-in-awhile’s and the causal acquaintances. This village may also be known of as a community.

Every once in a while, the every-once-in-awhile’s and casual acquaintances drop by the village on a more frequent basis. They take a liking to you and you to them. You open up to them and they open up to you. You reveal ideas to them and they reveal the most honest feedback back to you.

You become better because of your conversations with them, or worse. Either way, you’re different from how you were before and a stamp of them is left on you (whether you realize this or not).

It takes my own village

This past year my life has been touched by my true blues, mentors (new, unrecognized, and those from my past), new friends, old friends, quick friends, deep friends, idea-shakers-and-makers, online friends who I’ve never met, and those who are stronger than me but believe that I can do it, too.

Who believe I can do anything. Who make me believe I can do anything.

Belief. That’s the kind of friendship that has made an impression on me this year. There have been a few people throughout 2010 who have paid special attention to me, listened to my dreams and goals, and found a way to help me achieve them in a way that’s not pushing but encouraging. This position is held by a handful of people and some of them may not even know they’re included (others better damn well ).

These friends, if you were to meet them, know what I write about between the lines of this blog. They know what I want more than anything in the world. And they know what drives me.

They have helped me move from one level of Laura-ness to the next. They’ve helped me move from “I have an idea…” to “I can totally do this.”

And one by one, I will show my appreciation to them and for all of this.

How has a friend helped elevate you to the next level of yourself? Has it been just one person or a village of your community?

Photo Credit: Mark Setchell

Editor’s note: Speaking of community, have you seen my 12 Days of Giving campaign?


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  1. Gushy is good. Belief = trust and once you have that you can do anything with anyone. Real change begins with one self and true mentors/friends will recognize and aid in the course of direction any way they can! Great post.

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