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First Draft Phobia

Superman in Metropolis, Illinois by James Jordan

Writers block is kryptonite for writers, but worse.

See, Clark Kent is lucky, at least the thing that defeats him is physical – if it exists near him, he can get rid of it (or more like someone else can get rid of it for him because he can’t touch it). For writer’s, it’s not like we can physically pick up “writer’s block” and put it in a lead chest. Though, wouldn’t that be terribly convenient?

Writer’s block comes from within, and not in the this-is-your-strength kind of thing but more like this-is-your-phantom-nightmare.

I would say that writer’s block is made up. It’s something that only lives and breathes within the confines of that person’s head.

Whenever I see someone on ask how another deals with writer’s block I want to laugh – because everybody is different.

For me, I don’t get writer’s block, I get afraid. Afraid that what is going to come pouring out of my brain, through my fingers, and into this gorgeous, white screen is going to be shit that even the best editor can’t decipher. And that the ideas I feel that I need to share are unique to me alone and me alone.

It’s a defense mechanism. It’s me shutting up instead of standing my ground and taking an active role in a conversation.

It’s me procrastinating, like I’m doing right now, from writing about something that truly moves and motivates me—something that can have more influence than I could have ever imagined or something that can move mountains, start a revolution, or solve world peace.

Because taking the first step is the scariest one to take.

Photo Credit: James Jordan


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