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Flowcharts for Fun and Function

Should I work for Free? flowchart screen shot By Jessica Hische

In the world of content overload, there have been a few innovations previously owned by other industries that marketers and content producers have claimed as their own. These things are designed to help us better consume, digest, synthesize and move through the critical thinking process. They are the wonders that are infographics, and flowcharts.

Infographics are sexy and fun. They marry hard-core information in a visual way that is more fun and easy to digest. They help us understand data that we may not have cared about in a way that makes us care about it. And they definitely serve a purpose in this big, scary world of content overload. For example, I’m currently obsessed with this infographic that shows the power of asking friends for money when fundraising.

Flowcharts are quite boring by definition. Think about it, Wikipedia describes a flowchart as “a type of diagram that represents an algorithm or process, showing the steps as boxes of various kinds, and their order by connecting these with arrows.”

How boring. Seriously, for someone like me who doesn’t need algorithms mapped out, I don’t need them. Unless they help me solve a problem in a fun and functional way like one of the following:

Should I work for free?

Should I work for free? by Jessica Hische. This is probably one of the most useful flowcharts I’ve seen. Seriously, download or bookmark it and definitely reference it when you need it.

How can I more effectively procrastinate?

Procrastination Flowchart

Click on the image to view the full chart and all its glory. I’m still trying to figure out if this will help me get over my procrastination or hone my mad procrastinator skills. Jury is still out on that one.

(Thanks, Tom, for bringing this chart to my attention.)

And, what is the point of this song?

Total Eclipse of the Heart Flowchart screen shot

How can you not love this flowchart by Jeannie Harrell?

If you have no idea about the function of this flowchart, check it out juxtaposed against Bonnie Tyler’s video for Total Eclipse of the Heart on FlowingData.

What are your favorite flowcharts?


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