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Mashable Article: How Non-Profits Can “Woo” Corporate Partners

Last Friday at 8am while John was making me breakfast, I started the computer and my TweetDeck notifications went wild all because my article, HOW TO: Choose & Approach a Corporate Partner for Your Non-Profit, had just been posted.

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This is the first article I’ve had published on Mashable, and you can image how excited I was and still am. Here is an excerpt:

Making the First Move

Now that you have a list of corporations who would make a perfect match for your non-profit, it’s time to ask them out on the first date. Even though you’ll be dating the entire company, you’ll want to start with anyone who can get you in the door. Think of your first point of contact as your matchmaker.

First Date Rule: Keep it causal. Share with your matchmaker what you’re working on and why his company would be a good fit to sponsor your campaign and partner with your non-profit. Woo them.

Second Date Rule: If your matchmaker is interested and sparks fly, ask him for an introduction to the decision makers at the company and set up a formal meeting. If your matchmaker is truly passionate about your idea, invite him to be a part of this meeting as an advocate for the partnership. Again, woo them. Advocates are key.

You can read the rest of the article, including what to do on the third date, here.

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