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Infographic: You Are What You Tweet

July was an insane month full of BBQs, friends, my first vacation since my honeymoon, launching a massively successful campaign at work, and watching men and women compete to become the fittest in the world — needless to say I have a queue of blog posts that need to be written. But first, here’s a fun infographic I created to compare who I am based on what I tweet using Visual.ly. You know how I feel about visually organized data, so I couldn’t resist sharing one that’s all about me!

Am I what I tweet? @Jolkona vs. @lamiki

To test this out, I thought I’d compare the two personalities that I manage on Twitter, @Jolkona, the nonprofit I work for, and @lamiki, yours truly in my most natural form.

Note: I didn’t customize @Jolkona’s avatar in the infographic, but I did customize myself.

First of all, I am a little disappointed that Jolkona is the “rock star” while lamiki is a workaholic. Though, it makes sense as I do tend to tweet about working from @lamiki and share more “woo hoo”/good news stuff from @Jolkona. But still, I’m feeling slightly bummed that lamiki isn’t has “fun” as Jolkona seems to be. (Mental note: change that).

I also have no idea why lamiki gets caught being obsessed with shopping while Jolkona is stuck sipping coffee either…I think the jury is still out on that one.

The ‘Tweets Seen per Day’ statistic is the most interesting statistic, especially when you compare how many followers @Jolkona vs. @lamiki has compared to who sees them. In the conversation of what makes a person influential or not, this statistic is very important and gives me a benchmark for where to improve.

The topics is the weakest part of this infographic because it’s only pulling words and content that I talked about and shared during the past two weeks when both @Jolkona and @lamiki were promoting Jolkona’s Groupon campaign like crazy. I wish that visual.ly was able to pull more historic tweets for this information, but I’m sure it’s a limitation of Twitter’s search.

What does your Twitter infographic look like?

To continue the fun, I created a second infographic comparing the co-founders of Jolkona, Adnan Mahmud (@adnanmahmud) and Nadia Mahmud (@nadiamahmud), needless to say, it’s quite fun.

Even more fun, here’s a comparison of me and my husband using his racing handle — @lamiki vs. @jkimballracing.

If you have five minutes free, feed your ego, create an infographic for yourself, and share your link with me. And let me know if your ‘likely obsession’ is true or not. 😉

This post was semi-inspired by this post written by Grace Boyle on Small Hands, Big Ideas.


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