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I Have a Confession to Make

Born to be wild, Vauxhall tubb

I am starting my own business.

That’s right, a business and I have no idea what it will be yet. I’ve mentioned this to a few people, how I want to start a business but I haven’t had that idea that strikes like a bolt of lightning and makes me say, “holy shit, this is it!”

Actually, that has happened, but I’m still ruminating on it.

There are two things I’m obsessed with: 1) building things, and 2) movements.

The first I know quite a bit about from positions I’ve had over the years. And the second is a relatively new passion that was born out of the love I have of being the voice that connects brands with their customers and from watching organizations like the Girl Effect and Movember harness their communities and ignite a wave of action.

It’s pretty incredible.

So while I research and learn what exactly those two things mean – What do I enjoy most about building things? And what exactly is it about movements that totally draw me in? – and how they’ll work with each other, today, I’m officially coming out as an entrepreneur in training.

I don’t know when I’ll land and settle with an idea that I will want to build, execute, ship, and implement, but it will happen. It’s going to happen. And it will probably happen way sooner than any of us think it will.

And I’m bringing this blog (and you!) with me along the way.

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9 Responses

  1. Solid post. Though I would remove the words “in training”. At what not so distant benchmark would you decide ‘I’ve made it’ I am now an entrepreneur. (no longer in training)

    Drop ‘in training’. You ARE an entrepreneur. Whether you are making a profit or not, have officially launched or not, or even have an end goal defined or not. As long as you wake up in the morning and make progress pursuing your passion You ARE an entrepreneur.
    Go be it.

    1. You’re too funny, and right on. I actually like the “in training” part for now, but I haven’t decided if my training wheels or on or if I’m riding a two-wheeler at this very moment. Either way, it’s a work in progress.

      Good point about the goal — goal setting is one of my personal credos and will help keep me off the hamster wheel and going strong. Thank you.

  2. Awesome! Welcome to the wild world of entrepreneurship! You know I’m totally in support of whatever you’re doing so let me know how I can help you out and I would love to hear more about what it is that you’re doing!


  3. Right on! Love the post. The language you use about movements and studying movements reminds me of an author I like.  The humility and candor makes me believe you.

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