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Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Happy Thanksgiving Turducken

Apparently I missed the memo that Thanksgiving weekend is National Unplug and Spend Time with Your Family weekend (as reported by multiple bloggers). I’ve written about unplugging before, and it’s definitely something that we all need in this day of electronic calendars, push notifications, and Siri, is that we need people to tell us to unplug.

Well, here’s me, the girl who will be offline and online over the next five days due to her commitment to blogging once a day saying, don’t.

Don’t unplug. Don’t get offline. Don’t respect your friends and family that you only see once a year for the holidays by abandoning Facebook, Twitter, and (gasp!) Google+.

Be that annoying grandkid who texts throughout dinner. Channel that angst that you got over when you graduated from high school and sulk. Check in, obnoxiously, from your mother’s kitchen, the kiddie table, and your grandmother’s punch bowl. Claim the mayorship of Second Thanksgiving. And – for the love of the Internet – tweet.

And when you’re done with your third helping of mashed potatoes and have reached the point of no return after your second dose of pie, poke someone on Facebook.

Now go get that turkey coma on.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Since you’re online, here’s some Thanksgiving fin from The Oatmeal: Thanksgiving as a kid VS Thanksgiving as an adult. Enjoy ☺

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  1. I’ll be tweeting my conquering of the turkey. I’ll Facebook how great my nap was mid-afternoon. You and I are a product of a generation that never REALLY unplugs. You’ll be able to live vicariously through my Thanksgiving adventures, but my clients, they’ll have to wait. I’m unplugging from work, which I think is critically important, especially this time of year. Happy Thanksgiving, Laura!

    1. Nice 🙂

      Unplugging from work is a given, but unplugging from my personal life is hard to do, especially when that’s the line that usually connects me to most of my friends.

      Hope you had a stellar Thanksgiving weekend, Matt!

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