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Sunday Serial: 4.74 Degrees, Entrepreneurs, Hints of Pregnancy, and Gay Marriage

At Otherlands, Sunday Morning

I hope all of my American readers had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend offline and all of you are ready to take on the world and the rest of 2011 starting tomorrow. I know I am. So let’s keep it short and sweet, here are three best-of articles that I read last week and one video that you need to watch. Enjoy!

Separating You and Me? 4.74 Degrees by John Markoff and Somini Sengupta via The New York Times

Read this because: You know about the 6-degrees of separation rule and had a feeling that social networks have helped decrease the distance between me, you, and that random BFF on Twitter that we both share.

Bonus: This will give you something extra to talk about during that holiday cocktail party (stats are sexy.)

Why You Should Stop Calling Yourself an Entrepreneur by Alex Heyne on Milk the Pigeon

Read this because: You have a problem with titles and believe that it’s not who you are, but what you do that matters.

This Life – And Hints of Pregnancy by Erika Napoletano on Redhead Writing

Read this because: “Being in a lukewarm place robs of you of power…And life is entirely too short for you to do anything without being ON FIRE.”

Australia Gay Marriage Advocacy Group Unveils Sweet, Sexy New Ad (VIDEO) via Huffington Post

Watch this because: It’s time.


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4 Responses

  1. Bloody hell you’re a prolific writer! And Awww shucks thanks for the mention 🙂

    So what is the source of your unending creativity and your muse?  I always try to find cool things to read about that put me in a pensive mood and give me something to write about, but some locations are better than others for that!

    Guru, kindly divulge your secret.


    1. You’re welcome. And, gosh, thank you for the compliment! 🙂

      Are you relating my ‘prolific writing’ to my uncanny ability to curate some great link-love posts or all of my posts in general?

      And a lady doth never reveal her muse 🙂

      1. I would say both!  When I first started I was writing every other day, but now (3-4 months later) that has trickled down to 2-3 times a week, usually 2.

        Maybe I need to read more of what other people are writing… hmmm

        1. Why, thank you then. I’ll take it.

          I’m blogging once a day throughout the month of November. Writing every day turns into a habit and turns pretty much anything I encounter into potential blog posts. This isn’t a sustainable schedule, but something I’m willing to try once a year. My usual posting schedule is closer to 1-2 a week or less 🙂 Reading what other people write does help as it gives something to respond to.

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