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Writing Prompt: Books into Movies

Darth Maul Vs. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman

This year for National Blog Posting Month, I’m writing prompts for a small group of bloggers. Here’s tomorrow’s prompt, and here’s the list of all NaBloPoMo prompts before this.

Prompt #14 (Nov 16)

When a book is adapted into a movie, the majority of the time, hard core fans will leave the theater in disgust, screaming, “I could have done it better,” or “They didn’t do the book justice.”

You have three routes for this prompt:

  1. What’s one book that you’re dying to make into a movie?
  2. What’s one book you wish would have never hit the silver screen (and why)?
  3. What’s the best book-to-movie adaptation you’ve seen and why is it amazing?

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