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Nuggets from PRSA’s “Connecting for a Cause”

You can build the connection

I spent the day at PRSA’s “Connecting for a Cause” seminar, wearing my Jolkona hat as an attendee and a speaker. The theme of the day was how to make social media work for your nonprofit. Even though I’m someone who lives and breathes in the social media space, it was good to take a seat and learn from all of the speakers. Well, 6 hours, 30 Tweets via @Jolkona and 20 handwritten pages of notes later, there’s a lot to digest, but we’ll start here.

Throughout the day, I heard nuggets of information during these panels:

Make Social Media Work for Your Nonprofit: Tips from a Geek

How to Write for an Online Audience

How to Manage Volunteers and Interns for Your PR Efforts

Media Relations in the Digital Age

Nonprofit Makeover: Fresh Ideas from Fundraising to the Web

45 Ideas in 45 Minutes

There were many more speakers and talks, but these are the ones I had the opportunity to attend. (more…)

The Lab: Think Out Loud By Listening

I recently participated in a unique experiment called The Lab, more specifically the Nonprofit Lab (#NPLab). The Lab is the was created by Erica Mills, Peter Drury, and Zan McColloch-Lussier, three rockstars of nonprofit marketing.

The Lab is not another tweetup or opportunity to collect business cards, although that did happen. It was started because Erica, Peter, and Zan were having similar conversations about the change and innoviation that is happening in the nonprofit sector and wanted to open it up to a bigger conversation. And so The Lab was born.

As they put it:

It is our goal to convene a consistent core of smart, engaged, strategic nonprofit leaders. But not just that. We want to create a community of professional peers who together can take risks, inquire, challenge, respect confidentiality, and think out loud. Together.

The first event featured T.A. McCann, the CEO and founder of Gist, to share his insights on how to listen effectively using social media.

Here are the highlights from T.A.’s talk:


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