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Nobody Tells This to Beginners (and Other Developments)

Ira Glass Quote

Ira Glass said this at some point and since I’m writing about writing a lot lately, it’s too relevant not to be shared.

Random fact: Did you know that I met and worked with Ira Glass during year two of Wordstock? Yep, I’m just that good.

In other bits of trivia – Scott Berkun wrote a response to my blog post from last week, 500 Words or Less, which was actually inspired by him. (Is your head spinning yet?) And in this post, he explains the difference between an essay and a blog…sort of.

You should read it.

New development: Did you know that is on Facebook?  You should like me over there, because we all know that you can’t get enough lamiki in your life.

Come on, toss a girl a like.

Oh, and I have big news to share tomorrow. Really, really BIG news.

But you’ll have to wait. ☺

For now, rock the rest of your Thursday.

Keep Your Hands Off My Facebook

day one-two-three: dear brynn, sorry the VW broke your nose

I have been on-and-off the job hunt for the past year. It’s a detail of my life that I’ve kept under wraps, mostly, but that’s for another post. Recently I met someone who’s looking to hire writers to produce web and social content for clients, pretty standard gig.

When I asked if she needed any writing samples or my resume, she said, “All I need is your Facebook.”

“My personal Facebook?”


Woah, sister, let’s pull it back a notch. I manage social media profiles for brands, am very active on Twitter, and I blog for a company and for myself (oh, hi there!). Through my LinkedIn profile you can see the breadth of my experience with links to all of the social savvy that I want to show you. It won’t lead you directly back here, but a little Internet sleuthing won’t carry you too far away from the rabbit hole. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not quite living “off the grid.”

“Here you go,” I said, and handed her my business card that lists my name, Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, and blog, then I politely turned away.

I have not followed up with her, and I don’t plan to.

My Facebook is private

I jumped on Facebook as soon as my university gained access to it in 2005 and we’ve had a love/hate relationship ever since. But I’ve stood by it, through redesigns, privacy-setting curiosities, and the fact that it introduced brands into our life. (more…)