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Writing Prompt: Music

This year for National Blog Posting Month, I’m writing prompts for a small group of bloggers. Here’s tomorrow’s prompt, and here’s the list of all NaBloPoMo prompts before this.

Frightened Rabbit playing Showbox at the Market in Seattle, March 2013 Photo by Laura Kimball (lamiki), taken with HTC One

Prompt #13 (Nov 14)

Music moves us in ways that words cannot. There are song that stop us in your tracks, songs that remind us of pivotal moments in our life, and songs that move us towards a revolution. What is music to you?

Rock out to these tunes

Photo of Frightened Rabbit playing the Showbox at the Market, March 2013
Photo taken with my phone, the HTC One 

National Blog Posting Month Writing Prompts: One through Nine

John writing on a typewriter

This year for National Blog Posting Month (aka NaBloPoMo), I’m not writing blog posts, I am writing blogging prompts for other bloggers.

Each night between 8pm and 10pm I write a prompt and send it to the bloggers via text. We started with one blogger, then there were two. Last week it became three, and since my post went up on Thursday, we are up to four bloggers receiving nightly NaBloPoMo writing prompts via a private group message on Facebook. Oh, how technology has made distribution a lot easier.

Each night after sending the prompts to the writers, I’ll post the same prompt here on my blog (full list/archives). This will be the prompt that you should write about — and publish — the following day. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own blog, you’re more than welcome to take it. My only request is that you mention where you got the prompt and link to the post where you found the prompt. This is a kind of NaBloPoMo experiment, and I’d love to read the posts that you write.

If the prompt doesn’t inspire you, don’t worry about it. The only hard rule in National Blog Posting Month is that you write. Every day. 

Nine Writing Prompts

To catch up, here are the prompts for the first eight days. The first post (Nov 1), was a post about participating in the project and laying out individual goals.  (more…)