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Sharing is Caring: Link Love

Sharing is caring_Jens Ryden

I’m writing an epic blog post to go live tomorrow, recapping and reflecting on my month-long NaBloPoMo endeavor. And by epic I mean I have a ton of editing to do. Plus, I’m featuring my first-ever guest blogger on lamiki later in the week! Huge week, and it’s only Monday!

So tonight, let’s take a break and give back. Here are some blog posts I’ve stumbled across this month that I’d like to share with you:

Read on.

Photo Credit: Jens Ryden


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  1. Yippee! I love that you found all these… can’t wait to dive in and read them. Congrats on your first blog post… can’t wait to read that one even more. 🙂 nnThank you for including me on your list of must-reads. Feeling very cool, now. xo

    1. Of course you’re cool, my friend, but glad I could help you feel that way :)nnAnd, yes, the guest blog post is actually here from someone else…it’s very exciting, can’t wait to hit “publish.”

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